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Awkward in Love

2 Across From You E-Book Cover.png

No men. It’s exactly what workaholic Lexi Regan needs after a virally famous breakup post. Serially unfortunate in the dating game, she’s seen it all. Players, moochers, all-around losers. Triple check. But one sight she can’t unsee is the model—sans clothes—in her unexpected art class. All it takes is one smirk, one tiny hint of a smile from him, and she remembers why she should avoid sexy men. Imagine the double-take when she realizes he’s the groomsman opposite her in her cousin’s wedding.


Jack O’Connor has no shortage of admirers, and while casual attention can be fun, it’s quality he fears he’ll never find in a woman. He might be prepared to survive a wedding out of town, but he isn’t ready to face the blushing beauty from the drawing class he’d starred in after losing a bet. Unsure of what to make of the feisty woman now at his side, he’s tempted to learn more about her. The more he learns, the more he hopes that first impressions aren’t the only ones that matter…

1 Next To Me E-Book Cover.jpg

Hell to the no. That’s what personal assistant Carly Winston wants to say to her boss when he tasks her with delivering his ring to his flaky fiancée. And again when the annoyingly sexy head of security, Maverick Green, is instructed to accompany her. Not wanting to lose her job, she bites her tongue. Sure, she has no desire to complicate her life with a relationship. But if she can avoid Maverick’s appeal as her next-door neighbor, surely one whirlwind trip with him won’t change anything.


Well aware Carly has made it her life goal to avoid men, Mav Green has fought the temptation to pursue her. Now, he’s been charged with making sure the ring she’s delivering stays safe, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. Little does he know, fate has a plethora of shenanigans in store for them. A robbery. Drag queens. Battles against nature. Each of their crazy hijinks is wilder than the last, and sparks undeniable chemistry between the pair. Thrust into a seemingly impossible job, will the time spent with Mav be enough to melt Carly’s icy façade?

1 Between Us E-Book Cover.jpg

Starting a new job is stressful enough. Yet, on day one, security guard Aaron Boone is beyond panicked when he realizes his charge for the next few days is the gorgeous blonde he slept with the night before—who seems to be his boss’s wife. So much for an innocent one-time fling. She insists she’s not a cheater, but regardless of an epic misunderstanding, he’s determined to at least see to his duty and finish the assignment. If only it could be that simple.

Felicia Arlon isn’t just a stand-in fiancée for an old friend. She’s a successful influencer, about to finish a long-running challenge benefiting a worthy charity. With a few days to completion, she’s delayed while she heads off to a solo “honeymoon” in Kauai. She’s not alone, though, with her one-night stand tagging along, making her wish for things she can’t have. Can anything positive come from the forced proximity of two strangers—with the lies and assumptions standing between them?

1 Over It E-Book Cover.jpg

With the threat of bankruptcy, Dominic Moreno is desperate to void the prenup his brother ignorantly signed. Sure, they’ll make a lovely couple, but Dom needs them to tie the knot sometime after he cleans up the financial mess their dad left them. The best idea he comes up with is to ask a family friend to meddle, just enough that the bride might reconsider.

Cunning, drop-dead gorgeous, and trustworthy (as long as she doesn’t drive his car), Teresa Rose is just the woman to save the day. They’re frenemies at best, so offering to clear her florist shop’s rent debt is the carrot he dangles for her help.

While they have grown up together, from daycare to college, Teresa relies on a simple strategy with Dom. You stay out of my way, and I’ll stay out of yours. The deal he strikes with her should be a piece of cake, but as Teresa attempts to unravel the plans for this ceremony, she faces more difficulties than she could have imagined. From botched drinks, to controlling in-laws…to kissing the wrong brother.

Suggest a man is disloyal? Easy-peasy.

Admitting she desires her frenemy? Whoops.

Indeed E-Book Cover.jpg

Ready to indulge her wanderlust, but without the funds to keep going, Louie finds herself stranded in Miami with nothing more than a broken-down car. She’s foiled from her dreams until a miracle comes in the form of a handsome, nerdy businessman who may need her help even more than she needs his money. Desperate to get a promotion to VP, but sabotaged by his bachelor status, Marc offers Louie five grand to act as his arms candy for the night. No strings attached. There is only one problem with their arrangement. They never expected to start falling for each other, and both know that it’s a dangerous game to mix money with love.

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